Thursday, September 24, 2009

DIY - Ikea Rast Side Table Project

In September 2008, I was looking for side tables for our bedroom. At the time we didn't even have a couch, so dropping a lot of money on bedside tables wasn't something that we could do. I was flipping through my September 2008 Style at Home Magazine and I came across a bedroom shot and in the corner of a page I spotted a bedside table that was PERFECT. When I quickly flipped to the source of the table (expecting to be yet-again dissapointed by cost) I saw that they were Ikea RAST side tables. Seriously? Ikea?

They had made over the Ikea Rast tables, and although there weren't instructions on how to do the project, I decided to try my hand at recreating the tables myself.

I got these....


and the bedside tables turned out like so....



First you need to pick up an Ikea RAST table. For our table we used brass pulls from Lee Valley The size we used were the 51mm x 43mm ($2.80).

Assembled the table, except for the drawers.


- I primed the fronts of the doors and then painted them in Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. I really love this white (it's the same white that we've used as the trim colour throughout our house)

[b] STAINING THE TABLE - I found it easier to stain the piece fully built, instead of piece by piece so I stained the "body" of the table in Antique Brown by Duraseal (this was the floor colour, left over from when we installed new floors.) I did 1 coat, as I didn't want the side tables to look too dark. I think the lighter the tone, the more modern it looks. UPDATE: Any stain, waterbased or not will work, we just liked the look of this colour. A deep walnut selection is my favourite.

Staining Part 2 - I did 2 coats of varnish after the stain had dried.

I then put the drawers together on the built shelf, and threw out those ugly Ikea knobs, and put in the beautiful bronze knobs from Lee Valley Tools here in Toronto. They have an online shop, so you can easily pick up your own too. :)


Q: What is the quality like?A: I didn't even think that quality would be questioned until a lot of people e-mailed me to ask. These are great side tables, real wood, well constructed and easy on the pocket book. We've been using them every day, and they don't have any scratches or bump marks.

Q: The drawers don't have rollers. Doesn't that make it hard to open the drawers?
A: Rollers are good if you're opening drawers that are (a) Big and (b) hold heavy items. Keeping that in mind these tables are small, and (for us) house things like bedtime reading, socks, pajamas, the missing rollers are not an issue. We're not storing heavy stuff in these tables, so the drawers open easily. If you were to add heavier items (like lots of hardcover books) yes, it may be heavy to open the drawers, but they still open.

Inspiration (Thank you!) Style at Home Magazine, September 2008 Issue
Knobs: Lee Valley The size we used were the 51mm x 43mm ($2.80) pulls
Side Tables: Ikea Rast Table,
Bed in picture: Colette Bed
Our Bedroom Colour - Classic Gray (oc-23) by Benjamin Moore
Drawer Colour: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore, I used oil, and in semi-gloss

For a more complete shopping list from our bedroom, take a peek at our Before + After Bedroom post here.


Hasina said...

Hi Lindsay! Just found your blog and I adore it! I love what you did with the side tables. The picture is so gorgeous I honestly thought it was from a magazine!!!

Lindsay said...

Hasina - thank you!! ;)

nkp said...

Those look amazing. Seriously, a job well done! I'm in desparate need of more bedside storage in my bedroom and have been searching for a smallish dresser to fit the bill. I think I just found it.

Thanks for sharing this project and your adventures! I look forward to checking out your archives.

Lisa Canning said...

These look so high end! Love love love

matandconnie said...

I LOVE this idea. What size rings did you buy? I can't tell what size to order online.

Simon said...

Really great job of turning that value-priced Ikea side table into a great looking piece of furniture. Inspired me to look for more Ikea hacks and found a whole site dedicated to them:

Looking forward to seeing more ideas for our own home reno in Ottawa:

Kristy said...

can you tell me where the bedding is from? my mother is in love with it!

robyn said...

This is fantastic. I want to do this project too. Now the embarrassing part: I have never done anything like this, and don't really know how to go about staining. I've been looking stuff up, but can't find anything conclusive. Do you think you could detail your process? What kind of sanding paper did you use? Do you stain with a brush or a rag? I would love to know your process, if you don't mind sharing!

Jack and Annie said...

I have been looking for something just like this! DH an I both wanted simple clean lined 3 drawer night stands! Cheap doesn't hurt either!THANK YOU!!!!

hiphousegirl said...

Why oh why didn't I read this post back when I bought my two RAST dressers?? I bought them for the same purpose as you did. I tried the paint/stain combo, but they just looked like footballs. I ended up just painting them white. I totally would have copied you! (I'm too embarrassed to link to the "footballs", but if you're really curious you can go to my blog and look in the "painting/staining" category.) Well anyway, great job, they look fantastic.

Laura said...

I love what you've done with these dressers! I have been looking for something clean and modern to replace my bedside table and was so impressed by your post I went out and bought a Rast chest of my own to remodel. Would you mind if I include a photo and a mention of your work on my blog? Thanks so much!

Lindsay said...

Oh my, I'm a little delayed on the replies.

Kristi - The bedding is layers of different sources - the pillow cases I think are just standard, I tend to like to buy new pillow cases every few months when the old ones look tiered so I dont go too crazy with buying the most expensive. ;) The Duvet that is folded over is from Au Lit Fine Linens here in Toronto. The white blanket is a hand me down from my parents.

Robyn - My process was non-mythodical and so if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. I used a combination of a brush and a foam brush for the staining, but a rag would work equally as well. This was my first time staining, and I was very surprised at how easy staining was. I sanded it lightly with whatever sandpaper we had lying around, I really just gave it a quick one over. :)

Laura! Please feel free to use the photo - thank you for asking! The side tables are fab-u-lous, and I know you'll love them!

Naomi said...

I am so inspired by this! May have to try it my bedroom. Painting is easy, but for some reason I'm daunted by the staining part...

erin said...

Thank you so much for posting! I found your picture featured in a post by Caitlin Wilson Design. It was actually in a post about her "top 5" shades of gray. Your picture was features along w/ your address. I popped over specifically hoping you might post a reference for that perfect side table- knowing in advance it would probably cost $1,500/table. Imagine my surprise and thrill when I found your instructions for making my own. A 3-drawer dresser, chic, contemporary & AFFORDABLE! Thrilled! I'm voraciously reading back through every post! A fan!

MrsKBJ said...

Hi, I saw your project on bryn's site. I love it! I love your blog too! I am adding you to my blog list :O)

jonahliza said...

what a great diy! the end result is so pretty <3

Andrea C said...

I've starting to follow your blog recently and I love it! Along with yours I follow others like MadeByGirl. I noticed on her post today she has a picture with a very similar dresser like the amazing ikea makeovers you own... SO COOL! I don't know if you found ispiration for your dressers or someone used your dressers for their own inspiration, but either way I think its pretty awesome! Check it out!

Homer said...

In case you find it hard to open the drawers due to friction, try using soap on the parts that touch. By soap I mean the solid soap, not the liquid one. Green soap (olive oil?) would be even better.

Janie said...

I just completed this project and it turned out great! Thank you so much for the inspiration and great instructions. Best wishes for you both with your new little boy!

Janie said...

Oh, and where did you get the lamps on the tables? I've been looking for crystal lamps no bigger than 22" high and have had no luck yet. Regards!

Anonymous said...

Oh My... let me tell you... I screamed when I pulled up the Lee Valley web site! And to think... I have been slumming it at Home Depo, trying to find hardware for my DIY projects.

Thank you 100 times over! If it was not Canada Day I would be sitting in their parking lot waiting for the doors to open.


I Love the site, and your keen sense of style!

Tara (also a beaches gal)

Centsational Girl said...

Lindsay, I just have to say how much I love your IKEA transformation. Those pulls send me over the edge ! I have a Draper knockoff that I've just repainted in gloss white with champagne/gold detail and pulls like yours and it reminds me so much of your piece ~ LOVE it !


Patricia Melo said...

Aubrey, do you mind telling me the size of the knob? I'm awful with proportion!! Thank you so much, love everything that you guys do.

MarlaAnn2010 said...

Love the side tables!!! I am slowly realizing now that with decorating a 3 bedroom house can involve a lot of $$$. I am now in the process of decorating our guest room and have been searching high and low for side what you have done :-) I am totally inspired!!

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing for the same reason - they were real wood and real CHEAP! But I had a terrible time closing the drawers after I painted them... Not sure if the wood swelled or what? I ended up having to sand them down and I've found the drawers a real pain to open and close... But considering we have kids and I don't always want them digging through my night table this hasn't been all bad! :/ I painted the whole thing white and added antique black knobs. I think I like yours better - wish I had seen this before I painted mine!

Anonymous said...

I love that's exactly what I want for my room. Where is that from? Or did you make it yourselves?

Margaret said...

Hope you see this = its been so long since you did the original post.

I'm recreating this great IkeaHack. Thanks for the inspiration. the one change i am making is that the front of the drawers will be a lovely linen fabric. Here's my question:

Do you have a suggestion about how to finish the edge of the linen? Would you wrap it around the edges and finish it there? Is there enough room between drawers to allow for that thickness? The upholstery store told me to simply put the fabric on the front and use a fraycheck product. What do you think?

Shannon said...

Wow! What an amazing idea!!! I am in Toronto and never knew about Lee Valley. Thanks for the tip AND the great idea!

Marcus Design said...

I just love this project! I googled Rast chest because I wanted to make these over my self and I found your lovely DIY!!! I have one question, when you primed the fronts, and used semigloss paint, could you seen the knots/grain of the wood through that or was it a pretty smooth finish? Thank you for your help!

Anonymous said...

You were featured on Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest!

val said...

came across your blog from a photo on decorpad. what a fun find! love this ikea redo and can't wait to check back in the future. keep up the good work.

modern night stands said...

This is such a smart idea! Love it!

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