Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Improving the Curb Appeal of Your House

I always debate posting "this is our thought" blog posts because they show little progress. But we're first time home owners trying to make our dollar go a long way, so I think important to explain our "debates" and cost analysis prior instead of just a grand reveal.

We have a lot of little projects going on over here. As you can tell from the series of blog posts, aerating our lawn, picking the fabric for our Dining Room chairs, debating ottomans, making romans. Anyhow, it's lots of little things that all equate to a lot of money flying out our windows. On the topic of windows...Aubrey and I are getting closer to when we can seriously entertain the concept of replacing all of the windows throughout the house. We've gotten initial quotes, so we kind of know what we are looking at spending. But true to any major project, there is a wee bit of a domino effect.

The topic around our dinner table has been the ugly yellow siding on the front of our house. We started saying a long time ago that black windows on our main floor would look stunning, pulling from the black of our front door. However, black windows on the 2nd floor - against the yellow siding would be awful. And regardless of whether or not we do black windows, we always wondered how we could address the yellow siding.

On a walk in our neighbourhood the other day, we stopped by a neighbours and we were admiring their siding and asked if they had painted it --- to which they had.  He was happy with it, it looked great, and so we decided to get a quote.  Turns out, it's kind of affordable. So much so, we're actually considering painting the front siding on our house, regardless of whether we pick black windows. So here, is the plan

1. Paint the siding (It is vinyl) out in a modern taupe 2. and 3. replace teh front windows. I have to take some photos of windows I love, so I can use it for inspiration. Keep in mind that we have some major renos coming up in the next year so we don't want to start throwing around money. We've decided to do the windows first, and then the painting.


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