Thursday, November 1, 2012

updating oscar's room....

I've been thinking of Oscar's room a lot lately. I think it's important to make his room more for him instead of what I thought it should be when he was a baby. I don't want to do a huge updates   - just little changes to make it more appropriate for him as he gets older.

Earlier this week I spotted this dresser on GUFF's blog, and although we weren't anticipating spending any money on furniture, it was too perfect to pass up. Now, I do love the dresser I have in the room right now, but it's proving to be too small to fit his clothing as he (and therefore the clothing) gets bigger. But that little dresser worked perfectly as a change table when he was a baby. :)

The new dresser has drawers open perfectly, it has a warmth to it and will grow with him. I'll post some updates later on, but needed to show you what prompted some little updates to his room.

Ps., Guff is amazing - they constantly post new products that they get in on their blog. I see new products come in on my blog reader - it's a fantastic way as a business to economically promote your wares and as a shopper, find out what's new without trekking into the store.  


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