Thursday, August 29, 2013

Decorating the home with Etsy....

I was pretty excited when Etsy asked me to guest curate for their e-mail this week. Wheee! I chose the theme of "Decorating the home with Etsy" as I've bought a ton of stuff for my home from sellers on the site, which you likely know if you have read my blog for awhile. You can see their e-mail here but I've also put everything into a collection for you to see should you be intrigued. ;) I think one of my favourite picks were these awesome plates from Yvonne Ellen in the UK. Wouldn't these be awesome hung in a dining room or framed a-la Sarah Richardson in a bedroom? Anyhow, back to sanding some wood tree stumps while Oscar naps. Coundown to the wedding is on!

xo Lindsay


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