Friday, September 13, 2013

Dollar Store iPad Stand

All Summer I was on the lookout for a great stand for my iPad.  I spotted a number of gorgeous ipad stands Etsy but I didn't really want to invest in a fancy at this time seeing as I knew a certain three year old was likely going to be carrying/banging it around. Last week I was at the dollar store and spotted an art easel that was $1.50 and I did a little jig.

It was the perfect, and I mean perfect, solution. I bought a few and brought them home and ta-da!! An ipad stand for under $2.00. One sits in the kitchen so I can prop up the iPad if looking for a recipe or, to play some music. And I can now watch Orange is the New Black comfortably in bed. :) So grab one (or two) of them the next time you're at the Dollar store. :)


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