Friday, February 28, 2014

my new favourite coffee shop + some Canadian musicians

In an effort to get rid of that creative block I've decided to try switching up my work environment. I had to go to an eye appointment this morning (no fainting!!) and stopped in at a new coffee shop in my neighbourhood and decided to sketch while nursing a cup of coffee. Madhüs Cafe (982 Kingston Rd) is perhaps the best thing since sliced bread. And a welcomed addition to the neighbourhood.

First of all, the atmosphere is amazing. Hints of Mid Century modern decor won me over. Then, who should I meet. But Fred Penner who was recording with Duane Gibson (D.O) this song that I loved listening to from a distance. But afterwards I introduced myself and Fred Penner hugged me and was so absolutely sweet that I had a fan girl moment. I don't have fan girl moments with many people. And then he and I chatted about Wacom graphic tablets. *Sigh* My morning was made.

Here is a video from MadHus's Instagram feed just a few hours ago - I was in the other room drinking a coffee, sketching listening to this song. What you don't get to hear is Duane's voice which is too bad because he was amazing, and the combination of the two of them was really beautiful.

So I'm skipping my regular Bits + Pieces Friday post to share my morning, my new favourite coffee shop and some Canadian musicians who are collaborating together. The owners are crazy amazing - check out this video from their Kickstarter campaign that I had to share - because it shows you the vibe of what the place is, what it's all about and how it's not just a coffee shop.

 Madhüs Cafe has music nights, and I know I'll be going back to listen with girlfriends, Aubrey, or even Oscar.

My new favourite coffee shop in TorontoMadhüs Cafe (982 Kingston Rd)
Links to these amazing performers / Fred Penner / Duane Gibson 
Watch this interview with Fred Penner on CBC here!


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