Company Reviews

Although we love ourselves a good DIY Project - somethings should be left to the professionals....which is why we're hired certain trades for certain parts of our home renovation jouney.  Because we've encountered some amazing many trades, here are the trades we have used in our house. We hope that this helps you in your reno journey! Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions

Company: FieldStone Windows
Our Contact: Ken Simpson @Toronto_Windows
Rating: A+
A Blog post on our Windows: Here
What they did: Installed new windows in all of the house (with the exception of the TV Room, and Basement)
Exceptional Service: Amazing company. Loved them so much we even did a video testimonial for them. If you would like to read about our issues with finding the right window company, read this post.

Company: Nessa Contracting
Contact: Buzz 416-823-0760
Called us after the fact to see if we were happy? Yes
What they did: Buzz and his team laid our new concrete basement floor and provided plumber to do the new drains in our basement. We broke up the old concrete floor ourselves, (saving us a bundle) but we had Buzz come in to lay the new concrete flooring and arrange for the plumbing in the basement. Not only was the work fantastic, and that they were a pleasure to deal with, but Buzz was always helpful, even months after the job was done. HIGHLY recommend.

CARPET - Nursery/Spare Room

Company: Alexanian Carpet
Rating: A+
Contact: We went to the Laird + Eglinton location in Toronto
What they did: Nursery Carpet + stair runner to basement and, stair runner to the 2nd floor
Blog Post About this: Here and Stair Runner Post
Description  No fuss, really just helpful people and let you take home lots of samples. The installation was excellent and we loved dealing with them.

CARPET - Master Bedroom
Company: Selyan's Rugs Ltd
Website: Here
Rating: B
What they did: Master Bedroom Carpet in January 2008
Summary: Happy with the carpet, no complaints. They were a pleasure to deal with.

DRYWALLER - Basement
Contact: Joe Gallant
Rating: A+
What he did: Drywalling of the full basement and our kitchen
Called us after the fact to see if we were happy? Yes
More Pictures: See our full basement reno project here
Description: We contemplated doing the drywalling ourselves, but we werent too comfortable with our expertise so we decided to have Joe from Gallant Home into our house to do the project, and oh-my-goodness, we were so glad that we hired out. Joe was fast and excellent at what he did and a pleasure to have in our house. Joe called a few weeks after the job was finished to make sure we were happy with the results, and to offer to come back if we noticed anything that we hadn't noticed at first.


Moncada Windows + Doors
We used Moncada for our basement windows. Although we are happy with the windows, we had some difficulty with the company.
Disclaimer: We encourage you to check references and compare quotes yourself. We are giving Toronto company reviews based on our experiences in our home. Most experiences have been A+ excellent.