I always try to be upfront and transparent on my blog to when I may get products, discounts or reimbursement when I write about something on my blog. I am extremely appreciative that on occasion I get products sent to me, but I am equally as appreciative of my readers and the relationship that I have with them. It is because of the relationship with my readers that I try with the best intentions to be upfront and clear on when a blog post contains any free product, reimbursement etc.

Below are the ways that I profit from my blog. Although my blog is a hobby, and something I do for the love of writing and documenting my favourite things, I do profit either by occasionally getting free items or, financial reimbursement for advertisements placed on my blog. I feel as though my blog has a great balance of non sponsored and, sponsored content (With more weight on the non sponsored content) so I don't feel awkward about occasionally profiting from my site. Here is how I profit, and what it means.

Affiliate links are links to shops that will reimburse me if you click on a link and make a purchase. I pick links sparingly and I only use them on things I would be buying or websites I would be shopping on. Affiliate links are not harmful to your computer and I don't know who clicks on them or, who purchases what. Affiliate links are not always disclosed in a post unless the links are a part of a sponsored program with an advertiser.

On occasion I receive products sent to me for free. If I get a product for free and I write about it on my blog, I will disclose in the post that the product was given to me for free. I don't accept every product that is offered to me, so I hope that provides some reassurance that the products that I do write about, even though are provided free of charged, are naturally a good fit and therefore have a place on my blog. I will always disclose when a product was free, and in clear language so there is no misinterpretation of whether something was given to me or not.

A sponsored post is where I was reimbursed financially for a post that was written on my blog either with a product, or, payment. I will disclose how the post is sponsored at the end of the post. If it says "This post is sponsored by X" it means that the company financially reimbursed me for writing the post. All words are my own unless otherwise stated and if I don't like a product or a service, I will not accept the $ and not write a post.

You may see some advertisers on my blog. The advertisers may be limited but they contribute to the fun that goes on here. It's pretty obvious who has bought advertising so I don't think this needs much more elaboration. Occasionally I have Google Adsense on my blog, I don't control what is shown and typically a Google Ad is generated based on what you're interests are. I don't see the exact same advertisements you do, however I had tried to make the settings as such that you don't see inappropriate content. If I was given something for free and I promote it on twitter I will write #Sponsored at the end of the tweet.